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Make it a date, every Sunday morning at 8:00am. The Health Wise Show. On 610 CKTB.

Oct 2nd 2016 Are you stressed? Do you have a hard time sleeping? Special guest Lorna Vanderhaeghe is on the show this week talking about Stress and sleep. Find out how you can reduce you?re stress levels and get a good night?s sleep! For more information go to:

Oct 9th 2016 Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue joins Julie this week on the Health wise show to talk about the importance of inflammation. If you?re tired of having aches and pains in your joints and muscles this show is for you! For more information go to:

Oct 16th 2016 Julie is joined by special guest Dr. Gifford Jones as they talk about the benefits of Medi-C. As one of the most popular supplements for heart health, Medi-C may be just the thing you need! For more information go to:

Oct 23rd 2016 Dr. Jen Marion ND speaks with Julie this week on the importance of immunity, probiotics and the immune system. How closely related are these topics? Find out this Sunday at 8am!

Oct 30th 2016 Julie is joined with Marva Ward, certified aromatherapist to talk about the popular essential oils. What do they do? What can you do with them? Find out this Sunday at 8am!

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