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Make it a date, every Sunday morning at 8:00am. The Health Wise Show. On 610 CKTB.

March 6th Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue joins Julie to discuss Eye Health. Learn how we can help keep those peepers healthy!! On this show they will talk about foods, supplements and some habits that can help improve or decrease the health of your eyes. Visit for more information

March 13th What's in your carry-on?? Dr Sara Celik joins Julie to discuss Healthy Travel Plans. Getting ready for a vacation someplace new? Check out this show to find out what you should be packing to help prevent bugs from attacking! Visit for more information.

March 20th Richard Passwater Jr, joins Julie to discuss Collagen. Learn what Collagen is and how it effects our skin, and that it is not just a beauty protein. Also learn how collagen helps our bones, joint and cardiovascular system. Plus they will explore the best way to increase collagen production in the body. Visit for more information, also stop into Health Wise to enter to win a Biosil gift basket including Christie Brinkleys new Book Timeless Beauty

March 27th Josh Whitehead, founder and head chef at Green Table foods joins Julie to discuss Fermentation. Learn what fermentation is and how it can improve your health. From Yogurt to Kim Chi, the art of fermentation is making a comeback with good reasons, listen to this show and discover why you should be adding these amazing foods to your diet. Visit or for more information.

April 3rd Julie is joined by Kelly Saunderson of Manitoba Harvest to discuss the nutritional benefits of Hemp. Learn why so many are adding this nutritional power house to their diet. Visit Health Wise for a free sample pack of Manitoba Harvest and see just how tasty they are. Visit for more information.

April 10th Julie is joined by Woman?s Health expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe to discuss bone health. Get the low down on what really helps strengthens bones and some common mistakes we make that are actually detrimental to our overall health as well as our bones. Visit for more information and great free books to download from Lorna Vanderhaeghe.

April 17th Julie is joined by Marva Ward to discuss seasonal allergies. Learn why we react to common allergens in our environment and how we can control tho se react ions without the use of over the counter or drug related allergy medications. Visit for more information

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