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Health Wise Jan 4 2020

Julie Beaver talks with Kim Cousineau from Health Wise about resolutions and healthy lifestyle changes.

Health Wise Jan 11 2020

Dr Sara Celik joins Julie to discuss the Microbiome and how it relates to immune, digestive and emotional health.

Health Wise Jan 18 2020

Wayne Elliot joins Julie to discuss the heart healthy benefits of Strauss heart drops.

Health Wise Jan 25 2020

Stephanie Bonetta joins Julie Beaver with tips and strategies on how to combat the winter blues.

Health Wise Feb 1 2020

Amanda Burke joins Julie to discuss how to build a healthy immune system.

Health Wise Feb 8 2020

Dr Sara Celik joins Julie to discuss Heart Healthy Omega 3 fish oil.

Health Wise Feb 15 2020

Wayne Elliot is back discussing Str